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Wiscon approacheth! Current plans are to arrive midday Friday and stay until midday on Monday. It will be the entire immediate family, although not the cat. Social plans will be a bit limited bc of the insane numbers of children with us (3), but I plan on sleeping as little as possible to up the chances to seeing everyone I want to. :) Am up for dinner, lunch, late night snack, etc as long as you don't mind if there are kids around for parts of it. Am not currently doing any panels but will be volunteering where needed. Can't wait to see you all!

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Have taken my friend's list back as far as lj will let me which is just before wiscon. Trying to find and friend ppl I talked with and make some kind of coherent con report other than "amazing, sleep now."


So, yeah, it looks like I'm pregnant and prob due in Dec although there will be more tests at the OB's office, as well as a dating u/s. Am stunned and not sure how I feel about the whole thing, although we are discussing names already. :)

Wiscon introduction

I go by tuppence or charlotte, am medium tall, curvy and have short red hair and glasses.My kids and spouse will be with me so I'll be doing a lot of running back and forth from childcare to panels and food supplies. I love meeting new ppl, especially those I mostly know only online, but wiscon sends me into a tailspin of impostor syndrome, since everyone is so much cooler than I am!!! *deep breaths* We'll be getting in Weds and leaving Mon am, and in between I'm up for karaoke or lunch or hitting the children's museum if you're also looking for some kid entertainment.... I

The census meme

1961: neither my sisters nor I were born yet. My parents were married, I think, and living in Rustin, LA.

1971: I was born and had two older sisters. We were living in Charleston where my dad taught civil engineering at the Citadel. We lived in a small attached house on campus.

1981: we'd moved twice now, still on campus, to increasingly nicer houses as my dad moved up in rank and got tenure. I was in 5th grade and it sucked. I had two best friends I still see occasionally.

1991: ah, college. My dad had died 3 years earlier, my mom was teaching middle school, one sister was in the navy and the other had just moved to NYC. I'd discovered drinking and bisexuality and snow and fluffernutters, was taking Japanese, French and Italian and starting to panic abt declaring a major.

2001: living in NYC in the loft with sister and her future husband. The company I worked for closed in the collapse of the tech bubble, my sister and I volunteered at ground zero, I found another job, we went to Italy--overall, it was kindof a rollercoaster year.

2011: I'm living in charleston with a partner and 2 kids. I just got my second masters, neither of which are doing me any good and am job hunting.

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Such a nice day yesterday:
Slept in, thank goodness, was so tired!
Went to Moe's for lunch and ran into friends
Headed to B&N for magazine reading and train table playing
Grabbed our swimsuits to go to Splash Island--spent a couple of hours wading and watching the kids slide and splash. Al. tried to drown himself and then decided he's had enough of the water.
Drove out to their grandpa's house for fried deer meat and putting together hotwheels track

Came home, got ready for bed, watched old futurama, went to bed...

Today, A is fishing so we're hanging out at home.

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So, um, the top floor of our apartment building burned down early this morning/late last night. We were awakened about 3am but people running and knocking at our back door. Our house is a double house (two rooms wide, three stories tall) divided into six apartments, two to a floor. The top two apartments are gutted along with the attic. The middle two apartments are full of water and smoke. Our apartment, on the first floor, has no fire damage, but has quite a bit of water and smoke--our furniture is ruined but we're all ok and the red cross is putting us up in hotel for two days...after that we have to find somewhere to live in the long and short term. The building is ruined, so we have to pack everything up and find a new apartment post-haste. I'm not sure that's fully sunken in yet.

Oh, and it's Acey's BD today.